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Tandur Yellow Limestone

Product Details

Primary Name: Lime Yellow 

Primary Color: Yellow

Stone Type: Both hand cut and sewn edges

Color Variation: Slight variations of yellow

Slab Sizes: Up to 270 cm length and 150 cm width

Stone Forms: Tiles, slabs, cobbles, blocks

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Product Description

Tandur Yellow Limestone is a high quality limestone that is mostly used in Flooring, Floor Pavement of commercial complexes, Interior decoration like wall cladding, countertops, etc. It is composed of calcium carbonate as calcite or aragonite. It is used widely because of its durability and beauty. It is also available in Stepping stones, Mosaics, Cobbles, Circle paving, etc. Its wood-like texture makes it so natural and popular. It is Oil resistant and works as the best material for all flooring and paving uses. It feels so sophisticated and gels in with any color hence used Outdoors like in parks, Railway stations, and Airports. They are available in many surfaces like honed, natural, polished, brushed, sand blasted as well as lather finish. 

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