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Ash Black Granite

Product Details

Primary Name: Rajasthan Black Granite
Primary Color: Black
Material Type: Granite
Color Variations: Low
Edges: Polished, Flamed, Gangsaw cut only
Stone Forms: Slabs, Tiles, Countertops

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Product Description

Ash Black Granite is one of the variants of black granite that are commonly found in the northern regions of India. Most of the Black Granite quarries are located in the state of Rajasthan Itself and therefore, its name is Rajasthan Black Granite. This granite is further known by various other names such as Black Beauty, R Black, Ash Black, etc. These granites have noticeable blue and black dots in their black background. Rajasthan Black Granite is a great option against the Absolute Black granite as well as the Black Galaxy granite due to its similar looks and cost reduction efficiency. This granite is mostly used for flooring, countertops, and wall cladding.

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