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About Basalt

Basalt is a medium-grey stone with some crystals of leucite immersed in a microcrystalline structure, derived from the hardening of lava in the eruption centre.

Basalt Bush hammered

Basalt Bush hammered

Basalt flamed

Basalt flamed

basalt polished

Basalt polished

basalt sawned _ Honed

Basalt sawned honed

black basalt cobbles

Black basalt cobbles

Black Basalt

Black Basalt Pavers

Usage and applications:

    1. Flooring and cladding for exteriors and interiors,
    2. Bathroom furniture,
    3. Kitchens furniture,
    4. Stairs Available slabs and
    5. tiles.

The stone can be finished as follows:

    1. Sawn Cut,
    2. Honed,
    3. Polished,
    4. Filled and Honed,
    5. Filled and Polished,
    6. Brushed,
    7. Sandblasted,
    8. Bushammered

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