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Tandur Blue Limestone

Product Details

Primary Name: South Limestone

Primary Color: Greyish Blue

Stone Type: Both hand cut and machine cut

Color Variation: Slight variations of blue and off-white

Stone Forms: Tiles, slabs, and other forms

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Product Description

Tandur Blue Limestone is a beautiful product that gets its origin in South India. This stone is known for its subtle texture and durability. It is used for numerous construction and decor projects as well as for flooring in conservatories, hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, etc. Sinks, monuments, mosaics, ornamental stones are carved out of these since it’s easy to carve the limestone. The beautiful pale white vein like surface makes it look so antique and it is popularly used outdoors i.e. in patios, pavements, driveway, doorways, and wall cladding. We use high quality limestone tile products that ensure great performance and strength. Being oil resistant, nonslippery, and high performing in nature, this limestone is quite popular and preferred among clients.

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