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L Yellow Sandstone

Product Details

Primary Name: Lalitpur Yellow
Primary Color: Golden and Yellow
Edges: Both Hand Chiseled and Machine Cut
Color Variation: Shades of Golden and Yellow
Stone Forms: Tiles, Slabs, Block, Cobbles

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Product Description

L. Yellow Sandstone otherwise known as Lalitpur Yellow Sandstone was originally found in North India. It showcases strong and appealing shades of golden and yellow color. Its shades are of natural sandstone and that makes it an excellent choice for every kind of surrounding. This sandstone provides an overall great grip even on slippery surfaces, thus making it most suited for poolside areas. Also, L. Yellow Sandstone shows great durability and hardness to withstand any kind of weather condition. The common saline water and winds basically have no ill-effect on the Lalitpur Yellow Sandstone. It is most commonly used for exterior wall cladding and flooring for homes, restaurants, and hotels located near the seaside areas because of its natural resistance to saline water.

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