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“We have been regular in connection with Runjhun Associates and always showered with great attentive service and best quality products”
“Runjhun Associates is one of the best in delivering service on time and believes in long term relationships with utmost care and value. ”
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Limestone Exports & Supplier from India to the UK and Globe 

Runjhun Enterprises offers the best limestone exporters in India that always stick to its purpose of delivering the best product to the customers. Limestone is a precious rock material that forms due to the accumulation of marine organisms like corals and shells. Whatever the product or type of limestone be, we, always stand tall in keeping up with the requirements of the customers and delivering limestone safely and securely. We have been helping the building and construction industries with limestone for several years. Our work is to extract the natural limestone from the quarries in India and deliver them to the customers.

Limestone Grey
Limestone Ivory Porcelain Paver

What is Limestone ?

Calcium carbonate, a major product used for building materials, is the most crucial component of limestone. This material is combined with water to eliminate pollutants and other harmful materials. Runjhun Enterprises takes care of the packaging of this product to ensure its safe disposal to the customers.

We are dedicated to exporting and supplying limestone, which is extracted from the limestone lumps. Our team processes the lumps in a hygienic environment and uses the modernised and latest technology to produce the best material. Being the best limestone suppliers in Rajasthan, we care for the packaging of the products before they are out for delivery. 

What are the properties of Limestone ?

  • Limestone is a lightweight and easily transportable material.
  • It has a characteristic white or off white colour that is suitable for light coloured applications.
  • Beneficial for water treatment procedure as it is highly soluble in water.
  • Limestone has an outstanding abrasion resistance.
  • Limestone can withstand high temperature conditions.
  • Limestone has alkaline properties that helps in neutralizing the acidic soils.
Tandur Yellow Limestone

Why must you choose Runjhun Enterprises for LimeStone Supply?

We are the best limestone exporters in India that not only believes in delivering or exporting products but also maintain the demands of the customers and provide them satisfaction. Our work is to obtain limestone from the quarries, pack it well and export it to your doorsteps. Here is a brief on why you must select us for the export of limestone in Madhya Pradesh.

Guaranteed Quality

If you are looking for the best quality limestone, Runjhun export limestone in Madhya Pradesh is the best option.

24/7 Support

We, being among the premium limestone exporters in India always strive to provide support to our customers by staying active all the time.

Quick Delivery

Once you give us the task for limestone export, you can stay assured of getting your limestone product delivered quickly.

Largest Collection of Stones

There are different varieties and colours of limestones. We have premium collection of limestone products that our customers can choose from.

1000+ Successful Deliveries

We have been making our customers happy with successful deliveries of Limestone and similar products to different parts of the world.

Premium Packaging

We have experts at our company who takes care of all the packaging of the limestone products to ensure safe and secure delivery at the customer’s doorsteps.

Quality Control

We don’t believe in quantity. Instead, we work hard to keep the quality of the limestone intact and also assure that the products we deliver have zero defect.

What are the different types of Limestone available with Us?

Runjhun Enterprise has a wide range of limestone. They are as follows.

  • Tandur Yellow.
  • Tandur Blue.
  • Tandur Grey.
  • Kota Blue.
  • Kadappa Black.
  • Chittur Black.
Limestone Ash Porcelain Pavers


Can I order Limestone from a foreign country?

Yes, as one of the best limestone exporters in India, Runjhun Enterprises delivers limestone and other limestone products to different parts of the world. Our customers get the liberty and freedom to select from a wide range of colours and varieties of limestone. You can always trust us to get limestone delivered to foreign countries like the UK and across the globe. We always strive to satisfy our customers by fulfilling their demands and requirements.

Usage of LimeStone in Different Industries

Limestone being a powerful and natural stone has its usage in a wide range of industries. It is a natural substance composed of calcium carbonate and is mined from quarries around the world. We are top class and renowned limestone suppliers in Rajasthan that always looks to export premium limestone products to the customers which are of great use. Some of the prominent use of Limestone are as follows.

Glass Making

Limestone has its great use in the making of glass as it can be utilised as a fluxing agent. Limestone lowers the melting point of glass and also enhances the clarity.

Water Treatment

The is used for treatment of water as it can eliminate all the impurities like the suspended particles, magnesium, iron and other substances. Limestone also helps in adjusting the pH levels of water.

Paper Making

Limestone is utilised as a filler material for preparation of paper. This product can improve the brightness and opacity of papers.

porcelain vs. ceramic tiles


The raw material used for the production of ceramics is limestone. It includes bricks, potteries and tiles. Limestone helps to improve the strength and durability of these materials.

Porcelain Floor and Wall Tiles


One major use of limestone is in the textile industry. It is utilised as a filler material in textiles like the carpets and vinyl flooring as limestone improves the strength and durability of the products.

Oak Wood Gris Porcelain Pavers

Tanning Industry

Last but not the least, Limestone helps adjust the pH of the hides and skins during the tanning procedure. This improves the durability and quality of the products.

 FAQ on Limestone Exporter

  • Who is the largest exporter of LimeStone?

Runjhun Enterprises, a limestone company in Madhya Pradesh is the largest exporter of Limestone in India.

  • Is Limestone exported from India?

Yes, Limestone is collected and exported from India. Runjhun Enterprises is the best option for exporting and supply of limestone beyond the boundaries of India.

  • Which is the largest limestone producing company in India?

Runjhun Enterprises is the largest and the most prominent limestone producing company in India.

  • What is the price of 1 ton of limestone in India?

The price of 1 ton of limestone depends on the type and its quality. You can check out Runjhun Enterprises, the best limestone exporters in India for affordable price of 1 ton of limestone.

  • What is Asia’s biggest limestone market?

Due to the large chemical industry and abundant raw materials, China is supposed to be the largest limestone market in Asia.

  • Is Limestone a Porous Material?

Rich carbonate in limestone makes it more porous than other natural stones. Since limestone is very reactive to acids, excess exposure of the limestone to acidic substances might damage the stone. A limestone supplier in India will always recommend their customers to care for the stone by taking proper precautions. Regular care for these stones is essential because, as a user, you would not want your stone to have a dark stain on it. 

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