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Fossil Mint Sandstone

Product Details

Primary Name: Fossil Mint Sandstone

Primary Color: Yellow

Edges: Both hand chiseled and machine cut (sawn)

Color Variation: Slight variations of yellow

Stone Forms: Tiles, Slabs, and other forms

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Product Description

Fossil Mint sandstone is a natural sandstone that is very popular when it comes to sandstone paving because of its soft colors. Its colors are the mix and match of the buff, golden, brown, mints, and mild pink colors. It is known as the Fossil Mint sandstone due to its unique fern-like fossil shapes that provide a distinctive touch to its appearances. Owing to its natural tones, shades, and texture, the Fossil Mint can comfortably blend with outer surroundings. Unlike manufactured stones, the colors of the natural Fossil mint stones can vary moderately. Fossil Mint Stones are best suited for the construction of building as well as houses.

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