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Kadappa Black Limestone

Product Details

Primary Name: Kadappa Black Limestone

Primary Color: Black

Stone Type: Hand chiseled, machine cut, and sandblasted

Color Variation: Soft Beige and Tan

Slab Size: Cut to size slabs up to 300 cm in length and 200 cm in width

Stone Forms: Tiles, slabs, steps and risers, mosaic, blocks, and many more

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Product Description

Kadappa Black Limestone has a slightly uneven surface and is best for low maintenance high traffic projects. It is composed of calcite and aragonite. It is available with heavy clefting mostly for wall cladding, parking places, and Lintels. The Kadappa Black Limestone can be used for commercial as well as residential purposes like sideways, pavements, flooring, roofing, and many more. The significant qualities like compressive strength, hardness, low water absorption make it very popular for outdoor projects. This fabulous stone can work well by itself as well as can be combined brilliantly with other stones and can be used from pavements to flower beds to stairs to any other exteriors. It is resistant to weather damage and can withstand the effects of rain and snow.

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