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Teakwood Sandstone

Product Details

Primary Name: Khatu teak
Primary Color: Yellow
Edges: Both hands chiseled and machine sawed
Color: Light to moderate yellow veined sandstones
Stone Forms: Tiles, Slabs, Blocks, and cobbles

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Product Description

Teakwood sandstone, also known as Khatu Teak Sandstone, is a smooth lightly yellow veined sandstone. This sandstone has a fine grain dense which allows it to have beautiful variations with well maintained blended appearance. Due to its sleek modern feel, Teakwood sandstone is best suited outside. Especially, around pool sides. They have natural durability and are great for external paving. Owing to its attractive textures and uniqueness, Teakwood sandstone is an excellent choice if you are looking for something as it is something will not find anywhere else easily. Its unique wood like veining is way too elegant and beautiful and no two slabs are going to give you the same appearances. Teakwood sandstone can neither be split nor polished but only smoothly sawn on all six sides to lend a perfect crisp and clean finish.

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