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Kandla Grey Sandstone

Product Details

Product Name: Kandla Grey

Primary Color: Grey with a mix of white tonal variation

Stone Type: Quartizic Sandstone cemented with secondary silica calcite

Color Variation: Light Grey and Dark Grey

Stone Forms: Tiles, Slabs, Blocks, and Cobble

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Product Description

Kandla Grey is hard-wearing sandstone in which the quartz stones are cemented together by secondary silica calcite. While the color of this sandstone is very consistent, we still grade it in two shades – Dark Grey and Light Grey for some discerning customers. Kandla Grey is known for the construction of paving, huge landscaping projects, window sills, lintels, etc. Due to its inherent properties of the sandstones, Kandla Grey gives the solid modern feel of bluestone and looks mind blowing across the pool.

When it comes to versatility, Kandla Grey is right at the top thanks to its natural grey shades. It is also beautiful to watch and durable and can be used for both inside flooring and flooring on the outside area. Kandla Grey Sandstone has a high resistance to both acidic and alkaline substances. Also, it can be used for roofing, paving, and panelling purposes, etc. Here are Kandla grey Indian Sandstone complete set of details including facts, finishes and forms.

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