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Mint White Sandstone

Product Details

Primary Name: Tinted Mint

Primary Color: White

Edges: Both Hand Chiseled and Machine Cut (Sawn)

Color Variation: Mint white with a mix of yellow cream

Stone Forms: Tiles, Slabs, Block, and cobbles

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Product Description

Mint White is also known as the tinted mint or the Himalayan sandstone. It is a beautiful sandstone with buffed colors and a mixture of off white layers of cream. Mint white paving can beautifully blend with any surrounding due to its graceful shades and tones. It has hand quarried natural stone characteristics where each piece carries a unique look but may vary in color. Its surface textures are reasonably smooth compared to others which mostly reflects a split finish and irregular layers. Mint White sandstones are perfect for any environment. It is non slippery and provides a warm and neutral color that can stay cool even under the scorching sun.

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