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Sagar Black Sandstone

Product Details

Primary name: Charcoal Black

Primary color: Jet Black

Edges: Both hands chiseled and machine cut

Color Variation: Jet black with the grey base

Stone Forms: Tiles, Slabs, Blocks, and cobbles

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Product Description

Sagar Black is the natural black sandstone that is fully oxidized inside the water. This sandstone is also known as Charcoal Sandstone because of the presence of ash color in it. Sagar Black sandstone’s application is widely favored for countryside old cathedral pavements. It is even popular in construction works due to its physical and chemical properties. It also has high compressible and flexural strength, negligible porosity. This sandstone is present in various shades which further makes it a great choice for flooring, wall cladding, garden furniture, handicrafts, etc. Suitable in industrial uses as well, Sagar Black normally is available in a variety of finishes including hand cut, machine cut, honed, polished mirror, and calibrated.

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