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Autumn Brown Sandstone

Product Details

Product Name: Autumn Brown

Primary Color: Brown

Edges: Both hands are chiseled and machine cut (sawn)

Color Variation: Shades of green, brown, and pale greys

Stone Forms: Tiles, Slabs, blogs, and cobble

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Product Description

When it comes to the finest range of natural quality stones, Autumn Brown is the one. These handpicked stones can come with polished, natural, honed, brushed, and sandblasted finishes to provide an alluring and robust riven texture. Autumn Brown comes in various shapes and sizes and can be exported to any part of the world. This Sandstone can enhance any traditional setting simply by mixing some shades of light and dark brown. Owing to its subtle red and brown autumn colors, it suits best in the garden or patio area. Autumn Brown is a hard wearing and minimal maintenance requiring sandstone. Its mixture of colors can enliven large areas that otherwise would look so bland.

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