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Kota Blue Limestone

Product Details

Primary Name: Kota Blue Limestone

Primary Color: Blue

Edges: Both hands chiseled and machine cut

Color Variation: Bluish Green

Slab Size: Cut to size slabs up to 270 cm in length and 150 cm width

Stone Forms: Tiles, slabs, cobbles, and blocks

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Product Description

Kota Blue Limestone is one of the unique limestones as it is tough, non porous, non water absorbent, and non-slip and has outstanding stain removal quality. Its smooth texture makes it a versatile material for numerous projects like facades of buildings, wall cladding, pavement, exteriors like driveways, veranda, swimming pool, fountain, raisers, etc. The slabs are hard wearing and have great mechanical strength which makes them the most effective limestone for commercial projects. The limestones are pollution resistant and can be used in high traffic areas of the home. It has an orange peel like surface, has quite a consistency in color with a slightly diverse pattern, and using it in any project makes a mundane architecture look versatile and stunning. 

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