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Porcelain is an essential material used for construction in the form of porcelain slabs. The porcelain slabs manufactured at Runjhun Enterprise are crafted for domestic use and made for the global markets. We are the best exporters and suppliers of porcelain tiles in India where beauty meets craftwork. We adhere to the international standards of porcelain and prepare it accordingly to meet the customers’ demands. 

We design the best porcelain tiles that are made according to the shapes and sizes for our broad client base. If you are looking for strength, resistance, and durability, the porcelain pavers available at our place might be the best option. Be it interior decoration or any exterior decoration, you can find a variety of porcelain and ceramic blocks available at the top porcelain tile brands

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Best Porcelain Tile Manufacturers in India

Runjhun Enterprise is the best porcelain tile manufacturers that has been manufacturing and exporting porcelain tiles to different parts of India as well as around the world. Besides the domestic market, our foreign clients have been a prime-boost for the growth and prominence of our brand. We have served more than 100 customers abroad and strive to serve innumerable customers in the future. With our products fulfilling domestic as well as international standards, it was a matter of time before we could obtain global recognition.

Our growing demands were only due to the efforts of our team, who has been in constant touch with the industry experts to manufacture the best quality porcelain tiles in Rajasthan and deliver them abroad. We have been working closely with our team to develop unique ideas and shapes for the porcelain tiles that can fulfil the customers’ requirements. Besides being a prominent manufacturers of porcelain tiles in Madhya Pradesh, we are also growing rapidly to become one of the best exporters of Porcelain tiles in India.

Why must you choose us for Porcelain Tiles in India?

Porcelain tiles have been a prime material for decoration. With different types of porcelain tiles available, we have been offering a wide range of porcelain tiles and different colours and varieties for the varying demands of our customers. Besides providing materials, we are also prompt in providing the highest quality services, after-sales support, customer service, on-time delivery and many more. So, Runjhun Enterprise is always the first choice for Porcelain tile manufacture and export.

On-Time Delivery

Once you order Porcelain tiles from us, we are always ready to provide the product on time. Irrespective of the location you are sending, we are always ready to get the assignment completed within the promised time.

Prompt After Sales Service

After Sales service is very important to retain the customers. We have our team who are always prompt on connecting with the customers and knowing about the satisfaction of the customers.

Deliveries Abroad

We have served multiple customers beyond the boundaries of India. We have our team of experts who analyse the situation properly and get the paperwork done before sending products to foreign countries. We are always working tirelessly to craft porcelain tiles according to customers’ demands.

Quality Product Check

We ensure that all the products are scrutinised and checked properly before they are sent to the customers. Our team ensures that there are no faults found in the products before they reach our clients.

Doorstep delivery

Be it within or outside India, we always thrive to get the product delivered at your doorstep and without much hassle.

Premium Packaging

We have a separate team of workers at Runjhun Enterprise designed to pack the products properly before being sent. They take care of the package and cover it properly to ensure the shipment is not damaged during transit.

Customer Service

Our customer support team always stands tall to solve customers’ queries. For any issue, you can always get in touch with us regarding your issues.

Types of Porcelain Pavers available at Our Place

We are a manufacturer and exporter of different types of porcelain tiles in India. The different varieties of porcelain tiles which are available at Runjhun Enterprise are as follows.


  • Fossil Grils.
  • Fossil Nero.
  • Fossil Beige.
  • Earthstone Grey.
  • Earthstone Nero.
  • Earthstone Beige.
  • Earthstone Smoke.
  • Anthracite.
  • Sand Mocha.
  • Sand Pearl.
  • Magma Silver.
  • Rainbow.
  • Kandla Grey.
  • Crystal Graphite.
  • Crystal Bianco.
  • Crystal Gris.


  • Copper Slate.
  • Sagar Black.
  • York Stone.
  • Mustang Nero.
  • Mustang Gris.
  • Rock Beige.
  • G-603.
  • G-654.
  • Rock Bianco.
  • Rock beige.
  • Rock Bronze.
  • Limestone Ash.
  • Limestone Grey.
  • Limestone Ivory.
  • HS Grey.
  • HS Nero.


  • HS Beige.
  • Kandla Grey Honed.
  • Quartzite Pearl.
  • Buff.
  • Grey Slate.
  • Solem Hofen.
  • Quartzo Gris.
  • Lava Grey.
  • Lava Nero.
  • Lava Beige.
  • Oak Wood Smoke.
  • Oak Wood Gris.
  • African Slate.
  • Oak Wood Bronze.
  • Natural Wood.

With a vast range of options available for the porcelain tiles, you can always get your best product of different shapes and sizes from us. We will happily serve you to your doorstep with the best quality product at competitive prices.


  • Are Porcelain Tiles from India Good Quality?

Yes, Porcelain Tiles manufactured in India are of the best quality. You can always get in touch with Runjhun Enterprise for premium quality porcelain tiles export from India.

  • Is Porcelain cheaper than tile?

Porcelain is more durable than tile. However, the cost of the substance depends on the quality you are purchasing. You can find Porcelain tiles ar Runjhun Enterprise at competitive prices.

  • How much does Porcelain tile cost?

The cost of porcelain tile depends on its quality, texture and colour. You can get in touch with Runjhun Enterprise for different variety of porcelain tiles of different prices.

  • Is Ceramic or Porcelain tiles better?

The density of porcelain tiles makes them more durable than the ceramic tiles. 

  • Which is better porcelain or vitrified tiles?

The porcelain tiles require minimum maintenance and cleaning time compared to the vitrified tiles. 

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